About the project

This project has been funded with a support of the European Union. The main goal is to increase the potential of the Tarnow Subregion and to create a business network. Project budget: 821 141,17 PLN.

The Tarnow Industrial Cluster J.S.C.

in coordination with the leader the Malopolska Chamber of Local Government Foundation and the partner the Municipality of Brzesko participates in the project "Promotion of the economic potential of the Tarnow Subregion locally and internationally." Nr RPMP.03.03.01-12-0109/16.

The project is implemented under the Regional Operational Programme for Malopolska for 2014-2020, Priority axis 3 "The Entrepreneurial Malopolska", Measure 3.3 The Internationalisation of Malopolska Economy, Submeasure 3.3.1. The Economic Promotion of Malopolska.

Project value: 821 141,17 PLN

Contribution from European Funds: 674 686,11 PLN


The main objectives of the project:

– to build an image of the subregion as a good location for business
– to present the offers of the companies representing complementary business profiles,
– to build a transparent, trust-based cooperation
– to make Polish companies interested in the local investments
– to expand the export of products and services

The goals will be achieved by:

– creating an integrated, multilingual website of the Tarnow Subregion with the database of investment offers and the potential of enterprises and local governments, as well as an interactive map presenting some investment offers. The website will serve as a platform for exchange of important information,
– creating some printables and promotional gadgets,
– organizing a support meetings for the entrepreneurs keen on establishing some business contacts locally and internationally,
– taking part in various fairs, exhibitions and other events,
– organizing the visit of foreign journalists and the conference in Brussels to promote the potential of the subregion.


Project description:

The project is directed to the companies interested in expanding their business contact networks and concentrating their activities on the internationalization process.

Start date: 01/11/2016
Conclusion date: 30/04/2018



The basic deliverable is to increase the interest of the potential of the subregion and to create the local business network. Creating an integrated, multilingual website of the Tarnow Subregion with the database of investment offers will promote the offers in the Internet. Taking part in various fairs, exhibitions and other events as well as all the promotional activities will influence on the number of investments located in the subregion. The main goal behind the project is to promote the potential, to increase the standard level of business services and to support the entrepreneurs in the local and international field.

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